Top Painting Mistakes To Avoid At All Costs

Being an excellent painter requires attention to detail, deep knowledge on the subject, as well as complete devotion to your projects. But even as a first-time painter you can achieve wonderful results, as long as you manage to adopt some of the most effective painting hacks.

The Best Painting Hacks

What you should keep in mind, however, is that beginner painters often make mistakes that can take a lot of time and effort to fix. In order to paint your home flawlessly, make sure that you never:

Paint Samples

Overlook paint samples 

If you are proud of your determined personality, chances are you can easily find a paint colour you like the most. You would purchase the whole amount of paint without hesitation, but this is a mistake you should never make. Knowing what shade you want is one thing, but buying the necessary quantity without testing it might cost you a lot. Paint colours often look much different once applied on the wall, so don’t underestimate sampling. Ask for a small amount of paint and after you apply it on the wall, observe how it changes in different light. If you still approve of what you see, then get the entire quantity. If not, repeat the procedure until you discover the perfect shade.

Skip on preparation 

Any expert painter will tell you that you can’t obtain smoothly painted walls, unless the surface you are working on is smooth enough. While beginner painters usually rush into the job without addressing their uneven walls, this is another mistake you should be aware of. Before you grab your painting supplies, inspect your walls for old nail holes or other imperfections you need to fix. Furthermore, walls tend to accumulate dust and grime, which is one more issue to handle prior to painting. Make sure that you remove dust, dirt and grimy buildups, so as to simplify your painting project. A clean cloth plus some warm water would be enough for you to clean the walls.

Leave furniture unprotected 

You may think of yourself as a careful person who works slowly and cautiously, but you should realise that no matter how careful you are, painting is a messy job. In addition to preparing your walls for painting, you should get the room ready as well. If possible, relocate your furniture to another room, so that you can keep it protected from paint drops accidentally hitting the pieces. In case relocation is not an option, cover the furniture with plastic sheets. Door handles, as well as your floors should be also fully covered.

Painting Mistakes

Work in dim light 

This one might sound like common sense, but you will be surprised how many newbie painters don’t consider proper light when painting. Even if you feel more comfortable working in low light, go for the sunny daily hours instead. It is important to tackle painting during the brightest parts of the day, so that you can count on natural light. Otherwise the risk of doing a sloppy painting job becomes huge.

Paint with low-quality equipment 

When it comes to ideally painted walls, opting for a top-quality paint is a must. Yet you shouldn’t stop here – your painting tools are just as important. As a non-expert in painting you might be tempted to purchase cheap equipment, since you are doing a one-time painting job. In fact, the reality is totally different – the less experience you have, the more important quality tools are. Facilitate your painting project by investing in what’s best on the market. If you are about to apply latex paint, get a quality brush with synthetic bristles. If you have chosen oil-based paint, find the most reliable natural-bristle brush.

Despite all the mistakes you can make as a no-pro painter, you shouldn’t give up on your DIY project. Refreshing the colours of your walls is one of the most effective ways to improve the interior at your place, so give it a try by avoiding these common mistakes.

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