5 Essential Tips For Preparing A Room For A Paint Job

If your room is about to be painted, you have to consider that it is not as easy as you might think. This is a time-intensive task, which you will do well to prepare for. You should always aim to start with a clean slate, ensure there is enough room to move around and perfectly patch the surface.

Tips that you will find helpful on your quest to paint a room in your home:

Make way for painting Remove Any Furnishings From The Room

Before you do anything else, you should remove any furnishings from the room, to free up space. If moving them out is not an option, then at the very least you should push the remaining furniture in the centre of the place. Next, make sure any pieces of furniture in the room are covered with a drop cloth, to keep them safe from paint splatters. You might be tempted to leave switchplates and lights – you will inevitably make a mess as you splatter them with paint. It is best to remove those and install them later again. Remove any hanging hardware from the walls, ceiling fan, light fixtures and window treatments. In the case of doors, you want to remove the locksets and knobs. Make sure to label all of the hardware and keep it stored so it doesn’t get mixed up and lost. You will need to reinstall it later. 

Even the painting surface 

You need to diligently remove any paint that is peeling off with a putty knife or sandpaper. A toothbrush does a good job at removing debris from nail holes and other fissures. If you are going to patch any cracks, make sure you press the compound deep in the hole. It is a good idea to also sand any uneven surface to ensure there is no residue around. You want to be applying paint on a clean and even surface. 

Do a clean sweep Do A Clean Sweep 

Regardless of what room you are painting, you want to do a thorough cleaning and dusting before you begin any work there. The last thing you want is to have a cobweb, a dust bunny or some pet hair stuck on a fresh coat of paint. Remove any standing debris from the ceiling and walls of the room. If you are painting the kitchen, you will have to wash the ceiling, to remove greasy residue. Make sure the room dries out properly before proceeding with the paint job

Set up your workstation 

If you want to have a stress-free paint job, you will do well to keep a clean environment. Try to contain the painting mess as much as possible, especially limiting paint travelling to the other room. Hold all of your painting equipment in the room you are painting and create a work table to keep it in one place. 

Mask off things you don’t want to paint 

Another important step of preparation is to mask off the areas you don’t want to paint. Painter’s tape is the tool you will be using for this purpose. Place it on electrical receptacles, outlets and switches. If there is an area to be painted in a different colour from the rest of the room, mask the edges. Don’t forget about window trim, fireplace mantels and any built-in appliances. 

Once you have done all of these painting preparation steps, you are ready, to begin with, the paint job itself. 

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