5 Painting Tips You Can Steal From The Pros


The goal of every paint job should be to paint quickly and efficiently, with as little stress as possible. You may think that painting is a relatively easy task, but that is not true. It involves some complex steps and it takes knowledge of how to go through them, to complete the task properly. Trying out some or all of the techniques is sure to lend you a good outcome. 

Best Painting Tips that You can Steal from the Pros

Tint your primer Topcoat Paint

Regardless if you are painting an exterior siding of your house or an interior wall, you will want to apply a coat of primer. This guarantees professional results. This rule applies to raw wood and other building material, or a previously painted surface. A lot of homeowners don’t bother with primer, which is why the outcome of their work is often poor. The main reason you want to apply primer is to block any stains and knots bleeding through the paint. Additional, a coat of primer helps with adhesion, leading to fewer blisters and better longevity of the topcoat. A little pro tip that you can try out is to tint the primer just a little toward the finished colour by adding a little topcoat paint into it. Both the primer and topcoat need to be latex- or oil-based for this to work. As a result, you will find the topcoat is better able to hide the prepped surface, especially when you have chosen a lighter colour. 

A canvas will help you immensely 

You can go with drop cloths to keep the floor safe from splatters, but you are probably better off with canvas drop cloths. They are more durable and don’t rip and puncture as easily. They are less of a trip hazard as you walk across them. Canvas absorbs the paint, which means it is less slippery, and they don’t transfer paint on shoes. You cannot fold plastic sheets around doors and corners. Another great benefit of the canvas is that you can reuse it in the future. It makes a difference. 

Get a pole extension Extension Painting Pole

Many people like to make their life difficult when painting high points of the room by climbing on ladders. But you can skip that and just go with an extension pole instead. They come in different sizes and provide plenty of reaches to get paint to the ceiling. Just ensure that the roller is secure on the pole and give it a go. Go for a pole with a non-slip grip and a rigid core. It can last you a lifetime and save you a ton of effort. 

Painting off a grid 

A roller tray is not an ideal tool to use, because it spills very easily and can only hold a very small amount of paint. You cannot carry it easily and cleaning it is just a nightmare. A paint grid and a bucket just work so much better. You fill the bucket halfway with the paint and then hang the grid on its side. When you are done, you can just drop the grid into the bucket and cover it with a lid to await further use. 

Record your colour 

When you are finished painting, you should record the brand name and the colour of the paint you have used. Should the time come for a touch-up or repainting of the room, you will have all of the information ready. 

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